“We’re number three.  We’re number three.”  Can’t you just hear the chanting?  Nobody really wants to brag about being number three, but when you see who finished one and two and why, you might not feel so bad.  Adam Kincaid with the AJC reviewed all of the lakes in Georgia, and Lake Hartwell came out number three behind Lake Oconee and the Rabun County lakes.   The reason for Oconee’s high marks were centered on the beautiful Ritz Carlton resort, and while the Rabun lakes (Burton, Rabun and Seed) are gorgeous, the million dollar plus price tag makes owning there only for a privileged few.  All this backs up what we figured out 17 years ago when picked Lake Hartwell as the best lake value, not just in Georgia, but in the entire southeast.  Come let us help you find your spot on the lake.