What's ZUP?  ZUP is the new watersports board that made its debut on Shark Tank.   My kids ordered one for me for Father's Day this year, and we have had a blast with it so far.  Start with an oversized kneeboard, add hand-grips on the side, sandal bindings for your feet and then engineer a no-pinch rope handle so you can get up on the board without holding the handle.  You can lay on it, kneeboard on it, stand on it and surf on it.  It's great for all ages, but it is particularly good for getting first-time water enthusiasts started.  They literally have to do nothing but lay on the board, and they are having fun behind the boat.  From there, they can do anything that they feel comfortable with - and the smallest riders can even ride with an adult.  Click here for more photos.  (Apparently the whazup-tongue-out makes riding the board more fun).  And if you are feeling nostalgic, check out these two videos that made "wazzup" famous before there was a ZUP board. (Budweiser and Scary Movie).