My friend, Jim White, is one of those engineer types who can fix anything. He has bailed me out plenty of times. Me: "Hey  Jim, my boat won't start."  Jim: "what does the temperature gauge say?".  Me: "Its all the way to the right."  Jim: "when's the last time you changed your impeller?" Me: "what's an impeller?"  Then he comes and rescues me and changes my impeller.  So when one of Jim's friends said, "we need a trailer that will haul 8 jet skis - and a bus that will haul 8 guys - and a couple of motorcycles, too. He said, "is that it?"  Check out these awesome shots of their trip on the Savannah River.  When I saw this, I said Jim you need to patent this trailer and start selling them.  His response, "nobody would want to pay what we paid for this."   I guess Jim is a pretty good businessman, too.