With all of the excitement over wakeboarding and now wake surfing, you don’t hear much about slalom skiing anymore.  It is interesting that the water sports boats of the 80’s and 90’s all prided themselves over how small their wakes were.  The smaller the wake the better in slalom skiing.   With the new wake sports, that has all changed.  Now, it’s “the bigger the better”.  Some manufacturers claim that they have built boats that can morph for any activity, but everyone knows which wake is now most important.  I grew up skiing, with no real interest in the wake sports.   I have “played” on a slalom course only enough to know how hard it really is.  I found this great video of Friddie Winter at the Swiss championships this year, and through the magic of GoPro, this POV video of another great skier.   Come let us help you find a spot for your next slalom run - or maybe one for your kids or grandkids.