People who aren’t that familiar with Lake Hartwell frequently ask “where does all the water come from?”.  There are two main rivers that feed Lake Hartwell:  the Seneca River which flows out of Lake Keowee and the Tugaloo River which is formed by the confluence of the Tallulah River and the Chattooga River, of “Deliverance” fame.   Of course there are 100’s of minor creeks and rivers which feed these rivers and due to the terrain in the upstates, lots of waterfalls.   Caroline and I explored the Yellow Branch falls last Saturday with some friends.  There is a one hour hike in from the parking area.  The walk is easy, beautiful and well-marked, and the falls were well worth the effort.  I included a teaser photo here in case you’re one of those people that likes a surprise.  If not, click the photo for more shots.