I try not to overwhelm you with personal updates about my family, but this week, I just couldn't resist.  If you haven't met Caroline and Nora yet, here they are.  Caroline (not to be confused with my wife, Caroline) is the daughter to our daughter, Lizzy, and her husband, Trey.  Nora is daughter to our son, Michael, and his wife Emily.  They were born three months apart at the end of 2015 and bring the total grandchildren count to 4.  (2 more boys, Evan and Levi, at Michael's house).  One of the only things better than seeing your kids grow up to by happy, healthy adults, is seeing them love and raise their kids.  They all do an amazing job.  Memorial Day weekend was filled with some great family time at the lake including the photo above when Caroline and Nora exclaimed, "Gda, are we going to take a boat-ride or not?". Props to our good friend, Linda, for providing the models' wardrobe.

(This photo taken at the dock, life jackets added for the ride, of course!)