I love numbers.  My mind is organized like a spreadsheet, and sometimes this works to my advantage in business.  I use a spreadsheet to keep up with Lake Hartwell market statistics, so I can report them to you once a quarter.  I also track my personal  sales volume as it compares to other agents in my office and to agents working at Lake Hartwell.    The numbers make us look pretty good at what we do.  Buying or selling a property is usually one of the biggest financial decisions that families make, and those families deserve to have excellent care through the process.  We try to provide that, but sometimes we make mistakes.  When we make mistakes, first we own the mistake, then we apologize, and then we do everything in our power to clean up our mess.  We like for our clients to let us know how we are doing all along the way, but after the transaction is complete, we ask them specifically.  Sometimes, we hear about things that we can do better, and we try to incorporate those things into our business.  But sometimes, they have really nice things to say.  Click for some recent reviews.  I may love numbers, but this is what really fuels our business.  If you are considering buying or selling a property, I hope we have the chance to take good care of you.