Boats designed for watersports have gone through a huge transformation over the last 20 years.  Ski boat manufacturers traditionally prided themselves on having the flattest wakes for the best slalom runs.  As wakeboarding became popular, boat companies went through a major overhaul to see how big they could make their wakes.  Boats for wake-surfing have upped the ante on wake size.   Now, the high end (ie expensive) boats have sophisticated plates, ballasts and electronics to shape the wake exactly how the rider wants it.  The rider can even shape the wake themselves with a wireless remote on their wrist. Check it out here.  If this is the year for you to invest in a new watersports boat, this guide can come in handy to help you sort through the options.  Most of the manufacturers are represented, but it looks like Mastercraft elected not to participate this year.  You can find information on MasterCraft options here.   Make sure to save some money for your land-based spot on the lake.