After registering the best quarterly sales in 8 years in the third quarter of 2015, the fourth quarter would seem to pale in comparison.  But it was actually the best fourth quarter that we have experienced over the same 8 year period.  76 homes were sold, which was up 33% over fourth quarter of 2014.  24 lake lots were sold, up 26% over the same quarter, and also up slightly over last quarter.  Average sales price was down 9% to $297k  for homes, and down 18% to $100k for lots.  Average prices have been hovering between 100k and 125k for lots and 300k and 350k for homes since 2009.  The average sales price/asking price ratio is back up to 90% for lots and remains at 93% for homes.  With the number of actively listed lots down 13%, and  the number of active homes down 24% (under 300 for the first time since I have been tracking numbers),  the market is positioned to continue its shift towards a seller’s market, but we aren’t there yet.  Low prices and rising interest rates make this the best time ever to purchase your spot on the lake.