Last week, I reported that the National Bassmaster's Association had selected the Green Pond Recreation Center at Lake Hartwell to launch its 2018 Bassmaster Classic Tournament.  It appears that fish are not the only thing being hunted at Lake Hartwell.  Two of the "fugitives" on CBS's reality show, Hunted, took to the waters of Lake Hartwell in a kayak to avoid the watchful eye of the investigators trying to track them down.  In case you haven't watched, don't be concerned about the "fugitives".   If they avoid capture for 28 days, they win a $250,000 reverse-bounty purse.  The only crime will be if they are caught.  Click here to see the water route they took to avoid the investigators while trying to make a withdrawal at an ATM.  You can see past episodes here or tune it tonight on CBS to learn their fate.  Special recognition goes out to the first person who can identify the Hartwell business person that helped them with their ground transportation.