There is no question that the Sumer is the busiest time of the year for lake life at Lake Hartwell.  Grills have been heated.  Boat fuel has been burned.  Sunburns have been soothed.  New skills have been learned.  But there is something about Fall that seems to keep the magic alive.  Temperatures cool.  Trees become brilliant.  And then there is college football.  With the southeast being the mecca for college football, many alumni choose Lake Hartwell as the gathering place for college football weekends.  Georgia Tech, UGA, USC and Clemson are all within a couple of hours of the lake, with Clemson University being located right on the lake.  In fact, many  Lake Hartwell owners boat to  Death Valley for a much more relaxed way to get to the stadium.   Most of you know my blood runs red and black with all of my family attending UGA, but don’t miss this week’s Getting Deeper to see one of the best stories to ever come out of Clemson University.