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With more than a decade of experience beginning in the Lake Hartwell real estate market, SpotOnTheLake.com has evolved into the best lake-specific web site that allows you to compare lakes and find available lake properties in upstate Georgia and South Carolina.   This region is sought after for its pristine lakes in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and for its four season climate with mild winters.  All of our featured lakes offer opportunities for sailing, power boating, water sports and fishing.  Residents in the nearby cities of Atlanta, Greenville and Asheville have been quietly selecting properties in this area for their vacation homes, but more and more, people from around the country are seeking and finding all this region has to offer.  Please explore our site and contact us to set up a time to find your spot on the lake.








Lake Hartwell Real Estate News

Lighting up the lake

July 4th is one of the most exciting times of the year at Lake Hartwell.  There will be private fireworks shows all over the  lake the weekend prior to Independence Day, but Hartwell kicks off the fireworks THIS Saturday, June 24th, near the dam at Big Oaks Recreation Center.  A lot of people miss this show because it is over a week before the holiday, but this year you have no excuses!  You can enjoy the show from the shore or from the water.   Click here for more information and make sure to save some time to let us help you find your spot on the lake.

Hartwell Lake Homes Showcase

This Saturday, Northeast Georgia Living Magazine is sponsoring the Hartwell Lake Homes Showcase.  8 homes will be open from 11AM to 3PM.  You can choose as many homes as you would like to visit and cruise at your own pace.   But if you can only make it to one home, make sure to visit 814 Reed Creek Point.  This home is loaded with charm and sits right on top of the lake overlooking the main channel.  Click here for a link to the map with all 8 properties.

Tackle Football

Yes, I know we have several months until our next football season, but I couldn't help re-posting this fun video that my son, Michael, and his friends shot last summer.  Neither the football nor the tackling is done on the grid-iron, but I think this could have been even more fun.  Come let us help you find your spot on the lake.  

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MBS RECAP: Quietest Day of The Week Despite Several Interesting Tidbits

Posted To: MBS Commentary

We've been watching the intraday trading ranges in bond markets to keep an eye on just how flat things have been in the wake of last Wednesday's big trading day (due to econ data and the Fed). "Inside day" is a term that comes up when things are this flat. It refers to a day's trading range falling "inside" the previous day's range. This week has been notable in that Tuesday and Friday were both inside days. That's particularly striking today as it required a narrow trading range of a mere 2.44bps (2.142 - 2.166). Adding to the intrigue is the fact that there were a few tradeable headlines--especially from Fed speakers who seemed to be singing more dovish tunes on the prospect for inflation to frustrate the policy path. Then again, the grudgingly slow...(read more)

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