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With more than a decade of experience beginning in the Lake Hartwell real estate market, SpotOnTheLake.com has evolved into the best lake-specific web site that allows you to compare lakes and find available lake properties in upstate Georgia and South Carolina.   This region is sought after for its pristine lakes in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and for its four season climate with mild winters.  All of our featured lakes offer opportunities for sailing, power boating, water sports and fishing.  Residents in the nearby cities of Atlanta, Greenville and Asheville have been quietly selecting properties in this area for their vacation homes, but more and more, people from around the country are seeking and finding all this region has to offer.  Please explore our site and contact us to set up a time to find your spot on the lake.








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Fish - Not The Only Hunted

Last week, I reported that the National Bassmaster's Association had selected the Green Pond Recreation Center at Lake Hartwell to launch its 2018 Bassmaster Classic Tournament.  It appears that fish are not the only thing being hunted at Lake Hartwell.  Two of the "fugitives" on CBS's reality show, Hunted, took to the waters of Lake Hartwell in a kayak to avoid the watchful eye of the investigators trying to track them down.  In case you haven't watched, don't be concerned about the "fugitives".   If they avoid capture for 28 days, they win a $250,000 reverse-bounty purse.  The only crime will be if they are caught.  Click here to see the water route they took to avoid the investigators while trying to make a withdrawal at an ATM.  You can see past episodes here or tune it tonight on CBS to learn their fate.  Special recognition goes out to the first person who can identify the Hartwell business person that helped them with their ground transportation.

Fish - Take Cover!

Steve Pietrykowski won't be surprised that the National Bassmaster's Association just picked Lake Hartwell AGAIN for the 2018 Bassmaster Classic.  This tournament is known as the Superbowl of fishing and attracts anglers from all over the country.  Steve has been leading fervent fisherman to the best fishing spots on Lake Hartwell for years and is available to help you and your friends.  Find out more about Steve here and don't forget to save time to let us help you find your spot on the lake.

Fixer Upper - Pontoon Style

Most of you are probably familiar with HGTV's hit series, Fixer Upper.  The show features a couple looking for a fixer upper that can be transformed into their dream home by the show's stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines.  In last night's show, Chip and Joanna took to the water and renovated a house boat.  If you missed the show, you can click here for the big reveal.  Check out the Getting Deeper link for more on Chip and Joanna's story.

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MBS RECAP: Bonds Briefly Touch 2017's Best Levels For No Apparent Reason

Posted To: MBS Commentary

"For no apparent reason" is a bit of an overstatement. There are several plausible reasons that bonds could be rallying as well as they are at the moment-- not the least of which being the extent to which they sold off at the end of 2016. The rationale for the 2016 sell-off was somewhat tenuous, given its size. MBS Live has been steadfast in saying that we were not seeing a 1:1 ratio of justification and market movement. Reason being: the justification in this case was the " growth and inflation " potential associated with the new administration combined with the fact that any major bounce in yields right now might make it look like a decades-long bullish trend was coming to an end. Even traders who didn't believe in that narrative were best-served by pushing rates higher...(read more)

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