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With more than a decade of experience beginning in the Lake Hartwell real estate market, SpotOnTheLake.com has evolved into the best lake-specific web site that allows you to compare lakes and find available lake properties in upstate Georgia and South Carolina.   This region is sought after for its pristine lakes in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and for its four season climate with mild winters.  All of our featured lakes offer opportunities for sailing, power boating, water sports and fishing.  Residents in the nearby cities of Atlanta, Greenville and Asheville have been quietly selecting properties in this area for their vacation homes, but more and more, people from around the country are seeking and finding all this region has to offer.  Please explore our site and contact us to set up a time to find your spot on the lake.








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Step Out Of The Lake


If you, your family or your pets have ever struggled with the narrow ladders usually installed on docks, I wanted to make sure that you had seen this new innovation from SwimEze.  SwimEze provides a full width set of steps from your dock into the water.  When the steps are not in use, it looks and acts just like a section of the rest of your dock.   Click here for a video of the steps in action.  Their marketing needs a little help.  I think they spent all their money on R&D and manufacturing.  If this looks like something you might be interested in, our buddies at Kroeger Marine can make it happen for you.

Make A Wake

Boats designed for watersports have gone through a huge transformation over the last 20 years.  Ski boat manufacturers traditionally prided themselves on having the flattest wakes for the best slalom runs.  As wakeboarding became popular, boat companies went through a major overhaul to see how big they could make their wakes.  Boats for wake-surfing have upped the ante on wake size.   Now, the high end (ie expensive) boats have sophisticated plates, ballasts and electronics to shape the wake exactly how the rider wants it.  The rider can even shape the wake themselves with a wireless remote on their wrist. Check it out here.  If this is the year for you to invest in a new watersports boat, this guide can come in handy to help you sort through the options.  Most of the manufacturers are represented, but it looks like Mastercraft elected not to participate this year.  You can find information on MasterCraft options here.   Make sure to save some money for your land-based spot on the lake.

More Fish

Lake Hartwell has been in the news recently for landing the 2018 National Bassmaster's Tournament.  Bass is not the only kind of fish you will find around Lake Hartwell.  Nami Asian Bistro at Portman Marina offers a great Sushi selection and serves up asian favorites that HAVE hit the fire.  You can get to the restaurant by car or boat, so make an outing out of it and let me know what you think. Check out the reviews averaging 4.7 stars at this link


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MBS RECAP: Rally Extends Thanks to Silence on the Hill

Posted To: MBS Commentary

Today could have gone two ways. We could have come to find out that Friday's "delay" in the vote on the healthcare bill was an actual delay, or we could have quickly seen that the bill was dead (at least in its current form, and at least for now). With nary a headline or newswire covering the healthcare bill as something that still exists in the realm of near-term possibility, markets quickly decided that last week's delay was merely politicians' way of saying the bill was dead . To whatever extent a postponement left hope alive for progress on fiscal policy, bonds had good reason to be cautious . To whatever extent the bill was viewed as dead, bonds had good reason to press on with the rally . And so they did. During the overnight session, 10yr yields were as low as 2...(read more)

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