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With more than a decade of experience beginning in the Lake Hartwell real estate market, SpotOnTheLake.com has evolved into the best lake-specific web site that allows you to compare lakes and find available lake properties in upstate Georgia and South Carolina.   This region is sought after for its pristine lakes in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and for its four season climate with mild winters.  All of our featured lakes offer opportunities for sailing, power boating, water sports and fishing.  Residents in the nearby cities of Atlanta, Greenville and Asheville have been quietly selecting properties in this area for their vacation homes, but more and more, people from around the country are seeking and finding all this region has to offer.  Please explore our site and contact us to set up a time to find your spot on the lake.








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Something's Sacred

I hope that none of you need a hospital any time soon, but if you find yourself around Lake Hartwell needing some medical care, it's nice to know that we have St. Mary's Sacred Heart Hospital in Lavonia.  The facility offers inpatient and outpatient services including an emergency room.  There is also a wellness center available to the public.  And if you are looking for a great state income tax break, click here for information on how to get a 90% tax CREDIT for donations to the hospital.  See below for a glimpse of what is happening in the Lake Hartwell real estate market.

There must be something in the water...

If you happen to notice an eerie green glow in Lake Hartwell while passing over the Brown Road bridge in Anderson, don't worry.  It's not Slimer from the Ghostbusters movies.   The  ADA accessible fishing pier at the Brown Road boat ramp now has 16 4' long Hydro Glow fish attractor lights installed.   These lights attract all species of fish making it a little easier to find the best of what Lake Hartwell has to offer.   And while your here, let us help you find your spot on the lake.

You can lead your horse to water....

Don't miss this opportunity to own an income producing horse farm only a short ride (3/10ths mile) to the shores of Lake Hartwell.  There are 14.55 acres with fencing and stables and the property is actively being used now.   You are also only minutes from downtown Hartwell and Hartwell Dam.  See below for some additional options (not for horses) even closer to the lake!

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MBS RECAP: Supply and Headlines Weigh on Bonds

Posted To: MBS Commentary

Much like the week before last, we're seeing an abundance of new "supply" hitting the bond market. This comes both in the form of the scheduled Treasury auctions as well as the more fluid world of corporate bond issuance. Traders generally have a good idea of which firms will be issuing debt, but the exact dates, times, and amounts are often up in the air. In any event, they're nowhere near as rigid and specific as the Treasury auction calendar. For fixed-income markets, all supply has an impact. Granted, certain types of supply will affect part of the bond market more than another, but any time the supply of anything is increasing, there will be general downward pressure on prices --all other things being equal. Lower prices = higher rates when it comes to bonds. Today's...(read more)

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